The end of Plain Old Telephone Service

I was reading with interest this article on WaPo: “Robo-calls are unstoppable. Why your phone won’t quit ringing.”.

I predict that soon Signalling System No. 7 (“SS7”) – what Bells Labs calls the protocol used in phone calls and SMS messages either over cell phones or Plain-old-telephone-service (“POTS”) landline and yes, phones calls as we know them will soon come to an end and hence “robocalls”” will become a thing of the past. In the connected world analog phone calls are irrelevant anyway. There are a number of network based messaging and voice over-IP (“VoIP”) systems now even if you want to have a conversation you can do it over cloud based services or even point to point (or device to device). In these digital systems you control who can access you. SS7 was never made to authenticate or even authorize who calls you that was never a thought 50+ years ago. Plus as we all know individuals those south of age 45 don’t want to talk to each anyway preferring messaging and social media.