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My journal entry for 2013-06-15 Saturday - New scanner software I am using

For a long time (the last 10 years really) since I started using Windows XP on my older desktop (now defunct - I am in the process of building a new one but that's a story for a different day) I have been using Paint Shop Pro 8 to scan all my documents. But it was only capable of outputting image formats (albeit a lot of them but I only ever used PNG format). I received free some time ago an Epson CX5200 (that no longer prints but the glass scanner works just fine) from someone on Freecyle. I am planning on replacing that soon with a Multi-Function printer (but that too is a story for another day). I finally decided today to give that up and go only PDF for receipts, documents, paper mail correspondence and other such paperwork I desire to archive. I save major invoices and if they don't come in electronically I need to scan them. I had been saving them as PNG format. I found NAPS2 and I really like it. I can create a profile for each scan type (color, b&w, document or image, book or photograph, etc.). The only thing it does not do for me (that PSP did) is allow a preview and selection of what on the platen I actually want to scan. So a post card on a 8.5" by 11" (US paper size) will still take up an image real estate of 8.5" by 11". There may be an option for this but I have not found it so far. And perhaps there is other open source software out there that will do that. I did not look very long before I found NAPS2. Perhaps later if it bothers me enough I may go searching for a replacement but for now I am happy.

I found some interesting notes about scanning in general, best practices you might say:

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