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My journal entry for 2013-06-16 Sunday - How I document and keep track of information and why I share

Someone asked me how I keep up with so many RSS feeds (see Friday's journal entry). This was my response:

"As a Linux, Solaris, unix, virtual and now AWS engineer I have to keep up with latest goings on and as for the other stuff it's just interest. I un-subscribed to some of those feeds since the last OPML export that you are seeing on my wiki. And many of those feeds are just dead now, they don't update any longer or rarely. I dropped Daily Finance that was getting too much. I like TOR (The Old Reader) in that it will let me scan headers quickly and as I scroll through them it automatically marks them read (this is a switch setting). Very cool! Much better than Google Reader (GR). I don't miss GR at all now! I bring up TOR twice a day during down periods and use the "Show only unread" feature. When i first imported the OPML I performed a "Mark all read" which brought me to zero un-read articles to start out. On average I have between 65 and 190 unread posts each time I fire it up. I do have to stay on top of things to make this work correctly. I simply scan headers looking at something that intrigues me, if so I then read the article. If it is worthy of sharing out I use the Share button, or if I want to refer to it later I use the Like button which is private to me and my followers. If I want to archive the article text I cut and paste it on to one of my wikis (i have several for different purposes both public and private) in the context of something I want to remind myself of later like say "Tech tips for backing up Windows 8"". This has been my basic philosophy all along. With GR you're right it got to be too much and I stopped reading news feeds except very occasionally hence falling further andbfurther behind.

Yeah I know TL;DR I understand that. I share they way I do because I think it may help one person out there .. Some where... It certainly won't get me money or famous . :-)"

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