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Oakland Mills Sr. High (Columbia, MD) Class of 1980 30th reunion

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Update 2010-05-12:

I have created a blog and will consider a forum too if there is interest.

Facebook group is here: named "Oakland Milld High School Class of 1980"

I was notified recently of an effort to possibly get a 30th reunion going for the class of 1980 Oakland Mills Senior High School in Columbia, MD. Here is the email. Please contact them directly however let me know (kevin at inscoe dot org) of any organizational efforts. I may actually try to attend. I will be up in the Cumberland, MD and Howard County, MD area the last two weeks of August 2010 so perhaps an impromptu get together may be in order as well.

From: OMHS Class of 1980 <omhs1980 at yahoo dot com>
Date: Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 8:29 PM
Subject: OMHS 1980 30th Reunion?

This e-mail is being sent (via bcc) to the e-mail addresses of the OMHS Class of 1980 that we collected 5 years ago for the 25th reunion held at the Columbia Sheraton. Approximately 55 people attended that reunion. (Our class graduated 243 people.)

I was reminded that this year is our 30th. As far as I know, no one is planning the 30th reunion. Since money has to be put down ahead of the event, that means whoever plans the event has to hope that enough people will show to cover his/her cost. It was a bit stressful 5 years ago although we broke even.

I recognize that this e-mail list is probably sadly out-of-date but thought it worth a try to send a note. If you wish to reply to confirm your address and/or forward this to someone from our class who could write in to confirm, then we have a good chance of keeping the address list somewhat intact and up-to-date. Hey, we might want to have a 40th.

If anyone wants to plan the reunion, let me know and I can pass along that information. Then before I provide any e-mail addresses to that person, I would want an OK from each of you. I believe anyone who bought the memory book has a pretty good start on the list of classmates but I think it is addresses, not e-mail addresses. I did not buy it.


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