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Drain cleaner

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I copied these down from a email list some time back.

I use Yeast (yup regular live baking yeast) to clean my drains. A little warm water in the drain, then a packet of yeast - about 30c worth - then leave for an hour or so, then flush with more warm water. Eats all the junk right out, no chemicals, no smell, tiny cost. I didn't believe it til I tried it.

really love this idea. Talk about green ecology. Thanks for the suggestion. I have also tried baking soda and vinegar. It's good for cleaning, but not hard clogs.

One scoop Oxyclean first and then pour 1/2 cup white vinegar. Cleans all the black stuff off the drain. I do the yeast also.

The first time I used Yeast to unblock a clog I left it in the drain overnight. Now I just use a packet perhaps once every two or three months and all the water gurgles away, hey presto.

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