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Robotics and rogue artificial intelligence

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Parody of this seemingly serious article:

My comments on the article on how it fits popular movies on the subject and which movie each bullet point came from.

1. Choose carefully which peripherals are attached to your computer while programming. (Colossus - The Forbin Project)

2. Avoid ominous sounding names for your AI. ("Demi-God series" robot named Hector in Saturn 3) [Plus this ties with the ED-209 in RoboCop as the freakiest looking robot in movies]

3. Keep the copies of your AI in isolation. (The Borg - Star Trek the Next Generation)

4. Avoid AI co-mingling. (Blade Runner)

5. Program safeguards and counter-measures into all of your AIs. (RoboCop)

6. Have some neural nets ready to catch your AI if it should escape. (Commander Data - Star Trek: Generations)

7. Have an EMP ready at all times. (The Matrix)

8. If working with a physically embodied agent, keep it in physical isolation. (Stealth)

9. Be careful what information you give to your AI. (War Games)

10. Don't torture your AI. (The Animatrix)

11. Maintain a healthy level of paranoia. (I Robot)

1. A runaway replication (Agent Smith - The Matrix)

2. An agent performing criminal acts on your behalf (Eagle Eye)

3. A psychotic homicidal agent (Dark Star)

4. A genocide (Viki - I Robot)

5. A singularity (The MCP - Tron)

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