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Itinerary and Travel Plans for 2008

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Vacation July-August 2008

Colonial Williamsburg, VA gallery

Colonial Williamsburg, VA audio


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Trip A Deltona to Keyser (Saturday 7/26 19:00 ET to Sunday 7/27 12:00 ET) map

  • Dinner (Saturday 7/26 22:30 ET): Georgia Pig, Brunswick, GA map
  • Charlotte, NC (Sunday 7/27 03:30 ET) map
  • Breakfast Harrisonburg, VA (Sunday 7/27 09:00 ET) map
  • Keyser, WV (Sunday 7/27 12:00 ET) map

Keyser (Monday 7/28) downtown map

Trip B Keyser to Green Bank (Tuesday 7/29) map

Keyser (Wednesday-Friday 7/30-8/1) map

Trip C Keyser to Williamsburg, VA (Saturday-Sunday 8/2-8/3) map

Trip D Williamsburg, VA to Deltona (Sunday night-Monday 8/3-8/4) map

Home! (Tuesday 8/5) [NOW BACK HOME]

Multimedia from the trip?

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