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Finding outdoor Christmas decorations that celebrate Christ

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I believe in the reason for celebrating Christmas is Christ and His atoning work done for us all on the cross. For more on this see this PDF download: Attach:HowCanIBeSaved.pdf.

To that end I have been searching for suppliers locally (Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, etc..) but in rent years more and more political and religious correctness has pushed out all but the most basic of Christmas decorations featuring Christ as the reason for the Season.

So this page is a diary of places and vendors I have found to satisfy this problem. Some of what we have done is hand made using parts from various displays and others are just store bought. I will chronicle some of that here.

Rope lighting:

I have found rope light to be a good durable source of outdoor lighting. Plus rope light can be sliced together making continuous outlines of different colors possible. A good source or rope light can be your local Lowes but there is an online source as well: Rope light is plastic tubing encasing light-emitting diodes. Diodes as you know are direct current and so require a DC current source (regulator). They come is two basic wire and voltage types: 2-wire and 5-wire that come in 12VDC or 110VAC. The most common is 2-wire. You can simply cut rope lights for the length you need and the splice into a different rope so you achieve things like different colors or effects. When using rope light, the wire count needs to remain consistent through all runs of rope light and accessories.

2-wire is the most popular choice for steady light, while 3, 4 and 5-wire rope light allows for special effects, such as chasing, animation or flashing between multiple colors. It must be paired with a controller for the effects to work. Without the controller, the rope light would be steady.

Rope light is readily available in 1/2"(13mm) and 3/8"(10mm) diameters. Rope light accessories are typically designed for specific diameter.

  • 1/2" rope light is the top selling rope light diameter, commonly used for outlining buildings and general holiday decorating.
  • 3/8" rope light has thinner PVC tubing and is ideal for designing signs, decorative motifs and anytime making sharper curves becomes necessary.
  • Flexible LED strip lighting is a flat material with a low voltage that can be applied to many surfaces similarly to rope light.

120V rope light can be used when there is a power outlet within close proximity, but if there is not a power outlet nearby, 12V rope light should be used. Also known as DC rope light, 12V rope light is ideal for parade floats, bikes, and boats because it uses a converter or battery for its power supply.

Notes about rope lights:

Miniature light sets:

Vendors and stores I have found Christ decorations:

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