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Space Coast Regional Airport

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Space Coast Regional Airport is a partially controlled airport (0700-2100L) in Titusville, FL servicing both Titusville and Cocoa.

it is also home of the Valiant Air Command which houses a museum and hosts the TICO Warbirds Airshow each March.

The address is to the main entrance to the Airport is 6600 Tico Road, Titusville, FL 32780.

The airport's ICAO code is KTIX.

FAA information about the airport is located at

The radio frequencies for KTIX are as follows:

(:code:) TOWER: 118.9 UNICOM: 122.95 ATIS: 120.625 SPACE COAST GROUND: 121.85 [0700-2100] SPACE COAST TOWER: 118.9 [0700-2100] (:codeend:)

Warbirds Airshow:

In 2015 the airshow will be on March 13 - 15.

The main link to the airshow is

During the show the air controllers shutdown the airport to all approach and control is turned over to the Air boss.

The frequencies in use (airband - AM assumed unless otherwise noted) during past shows are as follows:

126.100 - Air Command
118.375 or sometimes 126.225 as a backup - air boss
132.85 Air Boss (previous shows)
126.10 - Air Boss backup (previous shows)
124.925 - air to air
126.025 -
226.675 - Military
145.550(fm) - Security & show ops (local ham club volunteers)

Also Family Radio Service frequencies are often in use for various ground activities and coordination.

Also don't overlook "dot" radio business band radios as well.

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