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Home based business and working from home

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Become a jeweler -

Some notes from others:


"You will have your own website. I am also disabled and have very limited traveling ability. I promote Avon online and most of my customers are online. They register to my website, place their own orders and their items are delivered to their homes. You do not have to be knowledgeable in beauty because all the information is available on the website for your customers. It costs $10 to start, which includes 10 brochures and some samples."

"Most of the legitimate work at home jobs are customer service based and don't pay a whole lot but they offer a lot of flexibility.

Check out consumer guru Clark Howard's website: They have a whole page work at home guide.

Check out WAHM stands for work at home moms. This site lists most of the major work at home companies that are also on Clark Howards's site as well as job postings and discussions with others who work from home (or want to.)

And one more is 1-800-flowers. I have a friend who works for 1-800-flowers and that is her full time, permanent job."

"thought of something else. There are also a lot of legitimate companies that pay for you to complete surveys. I doubt you can get rich doing surveys but I have a full time job and still earn most of my Christmas money (around 1,000.00 a year) from doing online surveys and focus groups. I have found that the longer I do surveys, the more opportunities I receive.

Onsite focus groups pay the most, generally around $100 for two hours, but they don't want people more than once or twice a year.


There are also a lot of online surveys available. Some only pay $.50, some pay quite well. All of these are legit, I am or have been a member with all of them:

GSB Behavioral lab -

After doing the surveys for a while, I found that I began to be invited to participate in online communities and special surveys. Right now, I participate in an online community that discusses laundry. For answering a few questions each month, I am paid around $20 a month. A couple of times a year they invite me to an online chat that lasts an hour and pays $45. I am also participating in a quarterly project where 4 times a year I tell them what paper products I've purchased for my company. It take about 5 minutes each quarter and I'm being paid $180.00 for the year.

I have found that most people who work at home and are not high paid executives, do a variety of small jobs to to get where they need to be financially. Several years ago I decided that my full time job was just not going to be enough to get ahead financially. I was looking for something part time but all of the part time jobs were for much less per hour than I make full time and then there was still the taxes. What I ended up doing was shopping better for less with coupons. Yes, it takes some time but I find I can save $25 to $50 per hour and that is tax free money. One of my sources for deals is, which is a local blog with lots of small deals to get you started."

"I have worked from home since 2005. A good place to get work at home positions is, those are all legit companies. I worked for west at home from 2005-07, 18F from 07-June 2012, and i am starting to work for on Aug 6th. These are all good work at home companies but most of them are call center type jobs unless you are good at data entry and there are some of them under the administrative tab. Those are harder to come by. Good luck finding something that will fit you. It is possible. When i started working from home in 2005 it wasn't as well known and everyone said Oh they are all scams. I am proof that they are not all scams and have been very happy with my career. You just need to know where to look for Legit companies because there are some that are not legit."

"check out to see if it will work for you. Also check out"

"Years ago I did a couple of mystery shops and it was kind of fun but the legitimate mystery shops I've seen recently don't really pay enough to be worth my while. For example, Seasons 52 will only reimburse $45 towards dinner after the fact and I'm not sure that would even cover dinner for 2. I have seen vision shops that pay maybe $8 and that isn't enough to get me to go to the mall. I think I found these on a few years back and signed up for a couple but I never actually did a shop for them."

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