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Devices - Firmware and embedded devices should go here like PDAs and Apple iPod's and iPhones

Computer - also peripherals and microcontrollers.

Network - Computer and data network equipment.

Telcom - Telephones, voice network and non-computer VoIP devices.

Radio - All things RF

Audio (Recording, microphones, speakers, amplifiers, turntables, audio patch cords, audio tape recorders, mixers, compressors, control boards and sound equipment)

Electronics and Components (boards, circuits, schematics, bread boarding and prototyping)

Test Equipment?

Multimedia - Still and video cameras, entertainment, digital music, tape, DVD and CD players, digital video recorders, televisions, legacy tape players and laser disc players.

Entertainment (Game consoles, arcade machines and other entertainment not included else where on this page)


Vehicles (also tractors and lawn mowers)

Science and Theory

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