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Headphones and personal audio

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>>> I'm looking for a headphone interconnect cable, 1/8 in. male on both >>> ends, >>> to hook up my headphone amplifier to my iPod. It needs to be built >>> fairly >>

%div I didn't notice >>headphone apply=div%

>> >> So, not for a gig. It's the outdoor application that threw me off. >> What kind of amp is it? I'd still go with the neutrik connectors >> though. > > I'd prefer to avoid making it myself, since I have very little spare time.

Ready made cable

looks like $25 for a 24" cable, a 12" is a custom size, they charge $2 more.

"Francois Dion" <>

I've got a PA2V2 headphone amp:

I've also got a couple of CMoy-design "altoids tin" amps.

My last audio related project was making some nice shrinkwrapped and sleeved interconnect cables and a headphone crossfeed box:

As you can see, the enclosure was done "as cheaply as possible" but hey, it works. 8-)

For headphones, I have a pair of Grado iGrados and a pair of Grado SR60s.


-- Bill Bradford

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