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Working with the serial console on the Sun X4100

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Start/stop the operating system:

 -> reset /SYS
 Are you sure you want to reset /SYS (y/n)? y
 Performing hard reset on /SYS failed
 reset: Target already stopped

 -> start /SYS
 Are you sure you want to start /SYS (y/n)? y
 Starting /SYS

Connect to the console of operating system:

 -> start /SP/console , and answer y 

Updating the firmware:

Need a tftpserver on the local network.

CLI method:

When flash upgrading using the CLI your prompt might reach the preserve configuration state before receiving a "connection closed" error, as shown in the example output below:

 -> load -source t<flash-image>

NOTE: A firmware upgrade will cause the server and ILOM to be reset. It is recommended that a clean shutdown of the server be done prior to the upgrade procedure. An upgrade takes about 20 minutes to complete. ILOM will enter a special mode to load new firmware. No other tasks can be performed in ILOM until the firmware upgrade is complete and ILOM is reset.

Are you sure you want to load the specified file (y/n)? y

File upload is complete.

Firmware image verification is complete.

Do you want to preserve the configuration (y/n)? Connection to closed by remote host.

 Setting the default bios device for an x4100 to PXE

From factory the bios of the X4100 is set to boot the local hard disk by default. To set it to use PXE you need to do the follow.

1.1 Turn the machine on (try hm power poweron computerNN)

1.2 ssh root@serviceprocessorMM (where serviceprocessorMM is the serviceprocessor for computerNN, hm inventory will help here.)

1.3 On the sp console type reset /SYS

1.4 On the sp console type start /SP/console , and answer y

1.5 Now you should be seeing the machine boot through the bios stages. Press ctrl-e to enter the bios.

1.6 In the bios screen do the following.

1.6.1 In the boot menu select "Boot Settings Configuration" and ensure "Quick Boot" is set to "Enable"

1.6.2 In the boot menu select "Boot Device Priority" and remove all entries of than those starting "IBA GE Slot ...." , you need to set them to "Disable"

1.6.3 In the chipset menu select "South Bridge Chipset Configuration" and set "Restore on AC/Power Loss" to "Power On"

1.6.4 In the exit menu select "Save configuration changes and exit setup" and select "Ok"

1.7 The machine should now reboot. To exit this console press "Esc-(" 2. Connecting to the console of the computer rather than the Service processor

There currently is no way to connect to serial console of a machine in one command. This is a problem due to limitations in the system hardware and will not be resolved. A support call to sun has been opened and closed and there is no possible fix.

To use the serial console you must do the follow.

2.1 hm console computerNN , this will give you the serial console of the Service processor, if you don't see a "->" prompt then the last user has probably left the console attached to the main system. To exit this if you wish press "Esc-(".

2.2 If you do see the "->" prompt you need to type start /SP/console and answer y. To exit again "Esc-(".

2.3 To exit the console and return to arkell you need to type <new line> ~~. (unless you are physically logged into arkell when it is just <new line > ~."

2.4 If you want to reboot the actual system but not the SP, type the command "reset /SYS" at the "->" prompt

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