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Drive presentations on Windows with iOS device

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I have a Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 presentation to display on a Windows PC (Windows XP Pro in this case) that is attached to two projectors in a church setting. I wanted to drive that display from an iPad (Gen 3 if it matters) runing iOS 5.1 without someone driving at the PC. This is what I did that did work.

I first installed a server software on my windows computer where I had PowerPoint 2007 installed. The server is called Logic Server and is located at It's free and it works with the iPad software below.

I then installed the Lite version of Slideshow Remote (in the app store) on my iPad. The link is here

I have been testing this for a while now and I like it. I will probably buy the Pro version for $5. You may also find it useful.

We have considered using Airplay to an Apple TV but our current projector setup is XGA (VGA connector) and are considering running HDMI to them as they are compatible (it's a long distance away however up under the ceiling).

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