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Apple ipod - PDA Functions You Can Sync

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I am long time user of the Palm platform (and the Apple Newton before that). Since moving over to the ipod platform I wanted to be able to duplicate the four basic functions that made Palm so darn useful (besides the handwriting recognition) so here is the result of my research. Note that I currently use an ipod Touch so offline syncing is a must!

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ZenBe. Device: Web:

Currently using ZenBe.


Google Contacts - see

Memo Pad:

Evernote: Device: Web: Desktop: Also has Mac and Windows desktop clients.

Momo: Device: Web:

Currently using Evernote.



Looks like I am going with SplashID for now. Yes it's commercial but it is available on (almost no Linux) all of my platforms: Mac, Windows, Legacy Palm and iPod.

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