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Apple iPod notes

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Note these notes refer to non iPod Touch and iPhone devices. For these devices go here?.

Using an iPod with Linux

iPod HOWTO's


Apple iPod and iPhone (2g, 3g) Dock Interfaces pinout

Scratchless iPod screen

Alternate firmware for iPods:


Apple KB - Restoring iPod to factory settings

iPod software:

iPod Wizard (article)

Hacking iPod devices articles on iPods

Voice Recording Magic with the iPod

iPod articles on O'Reilly

Using and iPod as a mobile PDA or database:

Encyclopodia – the encyclopedia on your iPod

Apple iTunes and iPods:

Where are the iTunes files stored

Transferring your iTunes library to a new or different drive

iTunes and podcasts

Share your whole playlist.

You can export a list of all of your subscriptions, either as a personal archive for yourself or to share with others. This option comes in handy when you’d like to introduce someone you know to podcasting because it allows you to send a file of "starter podcasts" for your newbie friend to subscribe to — all at once. Export subscription list

To export a list of your subscriptions, mouse over "Podcasts" in the source menu, right-click or control-click, and choose "Export." Choose "OPML" as the format. (OPML is a generally recognized format for sets of subscriptions.) Name and save the file wherever you want. At any time, you can re-import that file and iTunes will re-subscribe you to all of the podcasts inside. Or email it as an attachment to your uninitiated pals.

To subscribe to the podcasts in an OPML file, choose "Import" from the file menu and choose the OPML file. iTunes will begin downloading immediately.

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