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Digital Video Recorders (DVR) and accessories

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DVR storage (Dish and Brighthouse):

I personally recommend Buffalo's DriveStation:

First of all you need an A/C powered USB 2.0 external hard drive in most cases. Newer HD DVR's require eSATA interface however Disk DVR's still use USB 2.

I went looking on for "powered" USB external hard drives and the term "powered" didn't return what I expected so finally I narrowed it down to "ac adapter". Western Digital calls these kinds of drives "desktop" instead of "portable", with portable meaning they don't have a power supply. So this link I think narrows it down to only ac power external drives that you said Dish says is required on the DVR.

I went into computer hard war section of the menu and did:

    Home. > 
    Computer Hardware0_. > 
    Hard Drives1_. > 
    External Hard Drives2_. (x) > 
    Interface : USB 2.03_. (x) > 
    Text Search Terms: ac adapter (x) 

I also tried

    Home. > 
    Computer Hardware0_. > 
    Hard Drives1_. > 
    External Hard Drives2_. (x) > 
    Interface : USB 2.03_. (x) > 
    Text Search Terms: desktop (x) 

and here is that link:

I would recommend staying with brand names such as Western Digital and this one gets the best reviews:

1TB should be enough for recording DVR shows I would think. It's $70 but you pay extra for the AC adapter (power supply).

I don't know what your budget is but I found this drive by Buffalo specifically made for DVR's and I know Buffalo makes good stuff that is reliable. It's $100 though. If I had the money I would get this one. The drive has feet also which is good for stacking on top of the DVR. Here is the link:

What I really like about the Buffalo is it shows remaining drive capacity as lights on the front panel no other drive I have seen does that. It also has a fan on the case which is good to prevent overheating. This drive seems perfect to me for what you want to do with your Dish DVR. This is what I would recommend.

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