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Details on Cisco 2511 Access Servers I have sold in the year 2012

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enable secret: changeme

enable password: password

virtual terminal password: letmein

  The enable secret is a password used to protect access to
  privileged EXEC and configuration modes. This password, after
  entered, becomes encrypted in the configuration.
  Enter enable secret: changeme

  The enable password is used when you do not specify an
  enable secret password, with some older software versions, and
  some boot images.
  Enter enable password: password

  The virtual terminal password is used to protect
  access to the router over a network interface.
  Enter virtual terminal password: letmein
  Configure SNMP Network Management? [yes]: no


  Enter host name [Router]: my2511

Current interface summary

 Any interface listed with OK? value "NO" does not have a valid configuration

 Interface                  IP-Address      OK? Method Status                Protocol
 Ethernet0                  unassigned      NO  unset  up                    up      
 Serial0                    unassigned      NO  unset  down                  down    

    IP address for this interface:
    Subnet mask for this interface [] : 
    Class C network is, 24 subnet bits; mask is /24

 The following configuration command script was created:

 hostname my2511
 enable secret 5 $1$bDoT$fMfkDcDmPdN4fdKOxAcnN/
 enable password password
 line vty 0 4
 password letmein
 no snmp-server
 no ip routing

 interface Ethernet0
 no shutdown
 ip address
 interface Serial0
 no ip address

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