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What I learned about tire valves and inner tubes

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I have a 1999 Sears Craftsmen riding tractor lawn mower that had a tire that went flat. Although I could not find any damage to the tire I decided to put in an inner tube from Tractor Supply. Since this tractor is 16 years old I had a hard time finding an exact match for the wheel size: 20x10-8 20 inches long, 10 inches width and 8 inch rims. I did eventually select an inner tube that was slightly larger size 21x7.00/22x10-8, 20x8x8 with TR-6 valve stem. The inner tube came with what's known as a TR-6 length valve stem. On it it had two nuts to retain the valve in the wheel which has a bigger hole since it was originally a mounted valve stem. Here is a picture:

Anyway I ended up losing the nuts. I figured I would just run down to the hardware store (I tried Lowes and Ace Hardware) and found it to be 5/16" size nut. Nut and bolt sizes are here. But the thread size was neither "fine" or "coarse". I actually had a hard time locating even the thread size let alone the nut itself. I even tried tire places and they could not tell me. Then I came across this Wikipedia article:

"Schrader valves are classified by their material, diameter of intended rim hole, length, and shape."

Mine is a TR-6 stem so according to Wikipedia the dimensions are:

  • TR-6 - straight metal stem (8 mm dia.)

External thread:

Imperial: 0.305 in OD, thread root diameter 0.271 in 32 tpi (threads per inch)

So according to this I needed 5/16-32 (tpi) nut. And since this is going on a lawn tractor I want a stainless steel. They gave me brass. It turns out this is referred to as a "panel nut". Here is an example of what I needed then:

Not available in Lowes or big box stores but available online. First I will visit our local surplus store:


The Patent for the Shraeder Valve - -,M1

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