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Installing MySQL on RHEL 5 without Redhat subscription

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This is a note to myself for later but if it helps you great! I found myself having to install MySQL on a RHEL 5.x system that no longer had a maintained support account with Redhat which means yum install mysql would not work here. I decided to go with RPM's from MySQL web site.

Installing MySQL on RHEL 5 without subscription:

Download from

(:code lang=Bash wrap=80:)

  1. mkdir /root/mysql
  2. cd /root/mysql
  3. rpm -i MySQL-shared-compat-5.6.15-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm
  4. rpm -i MySQL-shared-5.6.15-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm
  5. rpm -i MySQL-server-5.6.15-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm


... A RANDOM PASSWORD HAS BEEN SET FOR THE MySQL root USER ! You will find that password in '/root/.mysql_secret'.

You must change that password on your first connect, no other statement but 'SET PASSWORD' will be accepted. See the manual for the semantics of the 'password expired' flag.

(:code lang=Bash wrap=80:)

  1. rpm -i MySQL-client-5.6.15-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm
  2. rpm -i MySQL-devel-5.6.15-1.rhel5.x86_64.rpm
  3. cat /root/.mysql_secret
  4. The random password set for the root user at Thu Jan 23 13:18:41 2014 (local time): CiEHNk0u
  5. service mysql start

Starting MySQL..[ OK ]

  1. chkconfig mysql on


SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('xxxxxxxxx');

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