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The dev-talk we had in Montreal to present the concepts behind Docker.

Video with English subtitles available here:

The slides (without audio and without the live demos) are available here:

This is already a month old, so news like Docker Swarm, Compose and Machine were not already public (but anticipated through pull requests), but there's still lots of contents in there.

Redhat presentation on Docker capabilities

Great recap of why you should not setup SSH inside a Docker container.

Docker and AWS:

Docker was mentioned at our last meeting, specifically regarding AWS support or opinion of the tech. Coincidentally we published a blog post about the very subject only days later;

Jeff Barr’s blog on “Container Computing and AWS”;

Docker docs on EC2;

There is even a gui tool that claims to make running Docker on EC2 a breeze. The tool is intended to be a full GUI for AWS design and deployment.

Docker and Windows:

A good read on Docker and app containers. They mention at the end that Microsoft plans to add Docker container support on the next version of Windows server.

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