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Network and system drawing generation

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What I am looking for and why:

My original query out to Google+ went like this:

"Looking for open source plotting design software in the vein of R or Gnuplot but with relational objects. Ideas?

Btw. this isn't for statistics this is for actual drawings built to scale like Visio but using a command line to build the drawings. Meaning repeatable automatically and editable via programs rather than HID."

But I realized that was not articulate enough of an explanation so I wrote this article to further clarify what I am looking for.

I want to be able to generate application, system and network architectural drawings (logically, schematically and details) by simply entering object relationships and descriptions not unlike a simple form of UML. I want to supply an input file and rasterized, scalable vectored graphics or simple bitmap image file format images and have the software generate a drawing for me not unlike expensive Microsoft Visio.

Why not just use Visio you ask? Well I could I have it (2007). But you see I am not a visual person, <b>I am not a graphic artist</b> and worst of all I am busy person (ha you say!). I want to be able to describe the system or application, it's components and their relationship to each other and just make it look pretty automatically. I could see this thing feeding from a well configured configuration management system as well to produced automated drawings.

If you want to see an example of what I am talking about here is snapshot from one of my Nagios stautus maps:

I will tell you that I almost sat down to write this thing myself. Did I mention I am busy? But that's how bad I want this solution!

What have I looked at to perform this task?

This is very close to what I am looking for.

Dia apparently can be scripted as well for UML.

What did you end up doing to resolve this issue?


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