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"iTunes has stopped updating this podcast"

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It's about the dumbest thing Apple does and there a number of them. Freedom of choice? Not here.

The error is usually something like this:

"iTunes has stopped updating this podcast because you have not listened to any episodes recently. Would you like to resume updating this podcast?"

In the iTunes Podcast Library (in Windows XP iTunes 10 in these screen shots):

When you click on the gray exclamation mark you get this prompt:

You then have to click Yes to continue downloading podcasts after this occurs. If you away on travel unless you remote in to your desktop this keeps happening to me. Annoying!

Apple explains it this way which is no explanation. UPDATE: I found a more logical explanation by Apple here.

"Pausing a Subscription.

iTunes automatically pauses a subscription and won’t download further episodes if the following conditions are both met:

  1. The user has not played any episode downloaded in the past 5 updates (there may be more than one episode downloaded per update).
  2. More than 5 days have elapsed since an episode was played.

In addition to minimizing unnecessary bandwidth costs for both the user and the podcaster, the unsubscribe logic built into the iTunes client makes it more likely that episode downloads, as reported by a podcaster to a sponsor, are roughly in line with actual plays of the episode."

A couple of notes about the problem:

"You're right, there is no way to turn off this asinine, infuriating feature. It's this kind of thing that drove me away from Windows and made me so happy when I got a Mac. I felt like I didn't have to fight the Windows Big Brother anticipating my needs and only allowing me to do things in a way that Windows wanted me to.

Anyways, there is a partial solution, although its pretty sad compared to how easy it would be if Apple included a little checkbox in the options menu that said "Do you want iTunes to stop downloading your podcasts if you listen to them in any other way than on iTunes, even if you listen to them on your (Apple) iPod?". Go to and check out the NeedleDrop script. It will let you automatically play 1 second or so of each podcast in your directory. You can then tell iTunes to update your podcasts and it will retrieve all of them, as it should anyways. One downside is that you'll have to run the NeedleDrop script every so often to update the playcount of your podcasts. Another downside, if you're a Windows user, is that the AppleScript will only work on Mac."

How I fixed it (Windows XP):

Everyone (with a Mac) was talking about this AppleScript:

I looked into it and it seems all this script really does is play a little of each Podcast. I thought why couldn't I fake iTunes out by doing a unix touch on each Podcast directory file. Well considering I store my iTunes collection on a Samba server (Y: drive) and that Samba server is Gentoo Linux this would be easy with a simple unix script. Well this didn't work. It seems you actually have to update the play count in iTunes. I am not sure how I am going to do that from Linux or even inside Windows without automating iTunes in some way.

Then I found this Article on using JavsScript to perform this function. I am testing this. I will report back.

I also found this VBScript but I have not tested it yet.

I am also looking at editing the "iTunes Library.xml" file on the Linux server where iTunes is stored. This may be my most viable option. See also also watch this. Then read this and this.

More hacking of the ITIL file:, (Perl), and

Another ITIL tool:

More on automating iTunes using VBScript or JavaScript:

Another possible fix is

Followup on Fixing this:

I saw on one of the forums so I recommend you keep pounding Apple on this (but my opinion is they are ignoring these)

"I can’t believe this is still an issue with iTunes 8.1. Actually, I can — I suspect that Apple probably heard people complain, looked into it, decided that it was “too advanced” a feature to easily explain and fit into the iTunes preferences window, and that was that.

For probably little more than my own health, I keep submitting iTunes feedback to Apple here:"

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