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Firefox and working with sites that require Microsoft Internet Explorer

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On Microsoft Windows it's easier so I just use Firefox plug-ins like IETab or IE View.

However on a Mac or Linux it's more difficult (and used to be impossible). However I came across these useful notes and software:

IE's for Linux

What I did (Gentoo Linux):

 # emerge -av app-emulation/ies4linux

It probably will be masked (and assuming you are doing this under Intel):

 # echo "=app-emulation/ies4linux- ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

Now to install become your normal X Windows desktop user (non-root) and in my case I am using KDE so issue the command:

 $ /usr/bin/ies4linux --gui kommander

 IEs4Linux 2 is developed to be used with recent Wine versions (0.9.x). It seems that you are using an old version. It's recommended that you update your wine to the latest version (Go to:

I was running Wine stable in Gentoo (wine-1.1.12) so I was worried this was older software that would no longer support Wine 1 but I trudged on anyway.

I also received this message and answered Run Nevertheless.

You will then see:

I also wanted IE 7 support so I clicked on Advanced tab:

It will begin installing:

Now test the browser:

 $ ie7 (I found Internet Explorer 7 emulation to be really buggy so I switched to version 6.

 $ ie6

Now create the lanucher:

Put a script in /usr/libexec/iexplore-launcher with the following content:


#  wine "c:\program files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.exe" "$@" &
        /home/kinscoe/bin/ie7 "$@" &
        return 1;

# Call the main sub, which is defined at the top of this script
main "$@"


Put a link in /usr/bin that links to the script:

 # ln -s /usr/libexec/iexplore-launcher /usr/bin/iexplore

Set /usr/bin/iexplore in ie view configuration

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