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How to download audio from to a mp3 file

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<b>Question: How can I download a video and extract only the audio portion (typically the music track behind the video) to an mp3 file?</b>

Note: Youtube does not like downloading utilities and often changes things to thwart this activity. As such the software mentioned here need to be updated frequently.

Here is how you do it for different operating systems:

Click on the operating system of your choice to go to the instructions: Windows, Mac or Linux

How to download audio from to a mp3 file for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

It's very easy on a PC I just use this:

You can configure where the mp3 files will be downloaded to and then you can import these files into iTunes or your favorite mp3 player.

How to download audio from to a mp3 file for Mac OSX 10.5 or 10.6

Caveat: I am using OSX 10.6.7 (date of this writing 04-30-2011).

First I tried several freeware programs that report to be able to perform this function including Fastest Free YouTube Downloader to MP3 Converter and Gettube and they either no longer work with the newer Youtube videos or they lock up the Mac (had to use force quit). In short I coul;d not find a reliable Youtube downloader to mp3 converter free or not for a Mac. So then I started looking at web sites that will perform the conversion for you such as This site seems to work fine on the few tests I made. The site is an incubator for sales pitches though so make sure you disable pop-ups in in your browser from the domain: But other that that I have not seen any problems from doing this yet. You can either save the mp3 file to your disk or import it directly into iTunes on the Mac and I did that without nay problems.

If you have iMovie installed on your Mac (I don't it's for business) there is a reported way to do this using that tool.

How to download audio from to a mp3 file on Linux


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