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Using Secure Shell

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Most industries require when using shell access to unix computer hosts is performed by using the Secure Shell (a.k.a SSH) protocol. There are a number of software clients that can communicate using this protocol as it is very standard. There are many that are free in the unix and Mac OSX world namely OpenSSH and the Terminal command on the Mac. For the Microsoft Windows operating system however the choices are few and far between. If you will be doing a lot of SSH work on Windows I highly recommend SecureCRT (<b>Update</b>: SecureCRT is now in available for Apple OSX and Linux). Below is a list of the free (as in cost) SSH clients I am aware of for Windows. Cygwin and Putty are the only ones I have experience with. If you a novice I highly recommend starting with Putty. If you already know unix or OpenSSH I recommend you go with Cygwin.

Free Microsoft Windows SSH clients:

Terminal and shell access:

  1. Putty | (Download - you need the putty.exe program) | (Tutorial)
  2. Cygwin | (Install) | (Tutorial) | (Intro)
  3. Terra Term

File copy (Secure Shell Copy or a.k.a. scp):

  1. Putty | (Download - you need the pscp.exe program) | (Tutorial)
  2. Cygwin | (Install) | (scp command tutorial) | (Intro)
  3. WinSCP
  4. FileZilla

I would probably skip pscp unless you want automation or want to run from DOS (batch scripts).

My SSH implementation notes:


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