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Web - Anything an standard browser can access: HTTP, SSL, FTP, XML-RPC, cgi and mod_ functions

Daemon? - Unix daemons, SSH, BSD r* cmds, rsh, remote shell, VNC, remote desktop, listener processes using tcp or udp, IPC, TCP Sockets, Shared memory, Semiphores, Signals, FIFO, Unix Named Pipes client/server and rpc

Java? - Servlet, RMI and JSON-RPC

Cloud? - Software as a Service (SaS)

Interface? - serial, parallel, Ethernet, wireless, Wi-Fi, radio, infared, USB and Firewire.

Network? - Network layer 4 and below: TCP, DECmet and OSI. multicast, ppp, slip, wrappers, firewalls, etc that is computer based. Device based like Cisco should go in devices.

Audit and Monitoring?

Authentication Authorization and Policy Enforcement

Resource Monitoring and Capacity Planning

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