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Setting up a voice mail server using Asterisk

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Summary and project goals:

I wanted a voice mail dropbox to not only leave messages for different extensions (voice mail boxes) that do NOT have phones associated with them just voice mail boxes. Next I also wanted anonymous (the public at large via PSTN and soft phones) to be able to call in and retrieve lengthy messages similar to when you call a movie theater to find out what's playing and when using a loop recording. Last I wanted again callers to retrieve lengthy messages but with some authentication such as entering a PIN number before hearing the message (sensitivity).


I am using Asterisk 1.2 on the Linux Gentoo distribution.

I am not going to cover installation here there are plenty of wikis and blog sites for this however these are the steps I followed for installation on Gentoo.

 # emerge -av net-misc/asterisk 


Edit the following files with the following lines:


 exten => 123,1,Answer
 exten => 123,2,Playback(tt-weasels)
 exten => 123,3,Voicemail(44)
 exten => 123,4,Hangup 


 context=sip                     ; Default context for incoming calls
 allowguest=yes                  ; Allow or reject guest calls (default is yes)     ; Realm for digest authentication
 language=en                     ; Default language setting for all users/peers
 useragent=Asterisk PBX          ; Allows you to change the user agent string
 videosupport=no               ; Turn on support for SIP video. You need to turn this on
 callevents=yes                   ; generate manager events when sip ua 
 contactpermit=  ; restrict at what IPs your users may

 register =>


 1234 => 4242,Example Mailbox,root@localhost

 1234 => 5678,Company2 User,root@localhost





From a soft phone:

Place a call to URL:

From a PSTN:

TBD once I establish a SIP provider.

If you go with Broadvoice follow these steps:

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Page last modified on February 19, 2011, at 06:45 PM EST