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Trouble shooting Disk I/O problems

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Trouble shooting Disk I/O problems

For trouble shooting use the following commands.

 # netstat -k
 # iostat -xtc 5 10000
 # iostat -dc /diskname 5
 # iostat -xn 30

Don't look at the first 6 values they are just averages. Look at the following values; asvc_t (average service time in milliseconds), b (busy time) use vmstat command to check if the number of blocked processes in the blocked processes table, “proc/b” is comparable to the number run queue table “proc/r” if it is the problem might be a process locking access to a certain file.

If you get the following error when running the ifconfig or pkginfo commands, then you need to create a symbolic link, this is because the directory where the file usually resides has changed from /usr/lib to /lib (this is a known bug in Solaris 10 3/06). Also this error can be found when using a L:D_LIBRARY_PATH that excludes /lib. ifconfig: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

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