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I notice that my archiving needs are outstripping available rigid media. Best case a dual layer HD-DVD can hold about 30GB of storage while the highest density consumer grade magnetic tape (that is available today): LTO-4 is about 800 GB. While hard disk drives are cheaper then LTO-4 drives (especially when you include the media) they make a poor archival solution. First of all just making a drive and putting it on a shelf to sit idle is <b>not</b> what I call a trusted archive. The only way to determine if a drive has failed and when the platter is spinning. That is not very "green" for one thing chewing up energy for something you likely only need once in a while. And what do you do if the drive fails? That requires making a second drive for redundancy. You do this enough and you start talking RAID storage like RAID 5 or 6. Since I don't trust RAID with important data backups (which after all is what true archiving is all about) I don't like that option. You start doing options like RAID-10 and that starts getting expensive especially in the multiples of terabytes. So much so that you start looking again at the tape solution. And then there's the indexing. How do you find what tape holds what file. How do I even know what I file holds the data I am looking for? That today is my quandary. This page will reflect what I am finding out and what I am doing about it.

First some requirements:

I need to create a 5 TB fully redundant archive. Copies stored at the house and copies stored off-site such as a safe deposit box or a relatives house in another state in case of disaster. "Fully redundant" meaning at least two copies of each rigid media more preferably three or a mirrored running hard disk drive system such as a mirror+stripe (RAID-10).

Some notes:

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