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Windows 8 Desktop

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>>> This page is not yet completed. <<<
>>> Last updated at June 15, 2013, at 06:46 PM EST. <<<
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In April of 2013 the Acer Windows XP desktop I had laying around for the last 8 years or so finally died. The mobo actually. I decided since it was a dual core it wasn't worth resurrecting. So I made plans to make a modern quad core Windows 8/Linux dual boot-able desktop. It will run 24x7 since there are some Windows apps that run all the time in the background. I also want to be able to run VirtualBox on it to test operating systems and the occasionally one off boot. I like my desktops to run cool and have always used Cool Master cases so I will start with that. A couple of years ago I built a desktop for our church (Attach:Media_Shout_PC_Proposal_2012.xlsx) and liked how that came out on a pretty low budget (under $900) so I will follow that pattern however I will upgrade the video some what in this design. I also want maximal memory preferably 24GB if possible. So that limits the MOBO some what.

I also want plenty of USB 3 on both the front for iOS devices (iPad, iPhones, Tablets, etc..) and also in the back for the scanner/printer/mouse/kbd etc.. I would also like some serial ports for legacy radio gear I have.

So here is my parts list so far:

Case: Since I live near a TigerDirect store (Altamonte City, FL) and cases are expensive to ship I will pick that up directly. I chose the Cooler Master HAF-912.





SATA controller: TBD (if needed)


I/O card (if needed): TBD

DVD-RW drive: TBD

SATA Drives.

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Page last modified on June 15, 2013, at 06:46 PM EST