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CSX and Amtrak frequencies:

My scanner assignments are here.

Train schedule for Orange City, FL

Orlando and DeLand railfanning

Tampa railfanning:, and

The S line and counties west and north of Lake and Polk?

Florida's short-lines (FCEN, FCRR, FMRR), Pinsly lines and excursions?

Lakeland and Mulberry area railfanning, Bone Valley?

Tampa area railfanning?

Jacksonville area railfanning?

Cab signals

Timetable (no longer updated):

Mailing lists:

Railfans around Central Florida:

Back in the day used to hang out at Winter Park "WPK" Amtrak station which sits on the CSX Main Line for the East Coast. There were a "cast of characters" otherwise known as Railfans that would be there.


Other railfans around Florida but not in the Orlando area (usually):





National Amtrak route map - Attach:amtrak_national_map.pdf

CSX road and dispatch channels from Central Florida to Baltimore Maryland on the "A" Main Line if your riding the Amtrak Silver Meteor (P098):

The dispatch used to be known as the line name and a code such as "AA" for A line Jacksonville Subdivision. However that is changing with more regional dispatcher where it used to be all dispatchers worked out of Water Street in Jacksonville, FL. Notes about this.

South to north:

Track sectionDivisionSubdivisionLineDispatcherRoad freq.Dispatch freq.Yard frequency
Taft Yard in South Orlando, FLJacksonvilleSanfordAJA160.59160.92161.10
Orlando, FL to Jacksonville, FLJacksonvilleSanford and Jacksonville TerminalAJA160.59160.92 
Jacksonville, FL to Jessup, GAJacksonvilleNahuntaAJE160.59160.92 / 160.32 
Jessup, GA to Savannah, GAJacksonvilleSavannah TerminalAJE160.59160.32161.1 Savannah yard
Savannah, GA to Charleston, SCFlorenceCharlestonAFA160.59161.37161.1 Florence, Bennett, Savannah yards
Charleston, SC to Florence, SCFlorenceCharlestonAFA160.59161.37 
Florence, SC to Rocky Mount, NCFlorenceSouth EndAFB160.59161.52 / 161.37161.1 Rocky Mount yard
Rocky Mount, NC to Richmond, VAFlorenceNorth End and Richmond terminalAFB160.59161.52161.1 Rocky Mount yard and Richmond (Acca Yard) 161.550
Richmond, VA to Washington D.C. (Union Station)BaltimoreRF&P and Capitol SubdivisionABD / BC161.55 / 160.23160.41 / 160.32Richmond (Acca Yard) 161.550

Amtrak Union station (Washington, D.C.):

160.2900 r CH1 Yardmaster
160.3500 r CH2 Train Maintenance
160.4400 r CH3 Station Ops
160.9200 s Amtrak Road
161.2950 r Amtrak Police Primary
161.2050 r Amtrak Police Tac/Car to Car
173.3750 s Amtrak Police CID
464.5750 r Union Station security [DCS 346]

CSX road and dispatch channels from Washington D.C. to Cumberland Maryland on the "BA" Metropolitan Line if your riding the Amtrak Capitol Limited (P029):

Some links about the "Met" sub:

Track sectionDivisionSubdivisionLineDispatcherRoad freq.Dispatch freq.Yard frequency
Washington D.C. (Union Station) to Brunswick and Weverton, MDBaltimoreMetropolitanBABC160.23160.32160.53 Brunswick
Weverton, MD to Cumberland, MDBaltimoreCumberland and Cumberland TerminalBABB160.23161.52161.16 Cumberland terminal

Abandoned lines:

Oviedo, FL abandoned steam locomotive:

It's located in Oviedo Florida on the now ripped up ex-CSX Aloma Branch (referred to as "Aloma Sub") by dispatchers. Here is a Google map location.

"Oviedo - Mammouth Sound 0-4-0T Mammouth Sound 0-4-0T This 0-4-0 tank locomotive was built by the Cooke Locomotive Works in 1927 (CN: 66305). It was sold new to the General Portland Cement Co. in Brooksville, Fl. From Brooksville it was acquired by Dr. Albert Folds of Marianna, Fl along with an 0-6-0T. Somewhere along the way I have been told that it was owned my Mammouth Sound, although I do not know this to be true. Both locomotives were stored in Green Cove Springs, Fl for several years. The 0-4-0T was once displayed at the SR Depot in Apopka. The 0-6-0T was last known to be at North American Tank Car Co. in San Antonio, Tx. Dick Perkins bought the 0-4-0T and moved it to Oviedo by truck where it was rebuilt to operating condition. It remained in operating condition for several years and was operated frequently. Its last significant operation under steam was to Winter Garden, Fl and return via Sanford on the Seaboard System (CSX). The locomotive last ran in 1984. Dick donated the locomotive to the NRHS in Jacksonville along with the former Fruit Growers Express refrigerator cars. Through a mixup of dates, the branch line track through Oviedo was cut and pulled prior to the equipment being moved out by rail. There is a sister locomotive located at the Tenn. Valley RR Museum. They are three numbers apart off the assembly line.

This 0-4-0T is currently owned by Arthur Evans and sits behind an art studio called Studio-G. The two former Fruit Growers Express refrigerator cars parked in front of it that have been converted into studios of some sort. Both cars are lettered: "Antigua Pool Co., Inc." Sometime in the mid 1990s the right-of-way next to this locomotive was converted into a bike trail. It looks like the 0-4-0T recently received a paint job. I have been told that the 0-4-0T in Jacksonville is also its sister. I have also been told that Arthur Evans wishes to display this locomotive at the old Nelson Packing House. "

East Central Regional Rail-Trail A.K.A. Enterprise Branch:

Much of this is now part of a large rails-to-trails running across the middle of the state. See also

A number of folks who bought property along the right-of-way from F.E.C. Railroad before 2007 and finding themselves in the middle of a controversy where Volusia County now wants that land back to complete the trail. See Daytona Beach News-Journal newspaper multiple articles on this. This land located around Cow Creek near where it becomes Old Blue Ridge Road in West Edgewater, FL just east of Interstate-95.

From a recent DBNJ article:

Fair-use selection of newspaper article:

Residents railing about Volusia trail’s path
By Chris Graham
Published: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 1:52 p.m.

"The problem is many of the homeowners near the one-mile section treated the land as their own, building homes, farms and other buildings near the old railroad bed, said Henry, who along with his son owns multiple parcels on the road.

“Nobody thought there would be any improvements to (the old railroad),” he said.

Resident Jason Mayfield said the trail would run along the entire length of his property and be less than 100 feet behind his house.

“I’m all for (the concept),” said Mayfield, 39, “just not behind my home.”

The small stretch of trail would be part of the larger 20-mile section set to be built that would extend from Gobblers Lodge Road near Osteen and curve north along Interstate 95 and end at State Road 442 in Edgewater, Brinton said."

See also ATLANTIC COAST, ST. JOHNS & INDIAN RIVER RAILROAD From Enterprise to Titusville

A really good article this past weekend in the Daytona News-Journal (one of my previous employers) on Larry French exploring the remnants of the E.C.R.R. tracks in what is now known as the Thornby property or more recently annexed by Deltona and turned into Thornby Park entrance at 110 Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL (map).

See also,_Florida and

"The East Central Regional Rail-Trail is the longest abandoned rail line ever purchased in Florida. The corridor was purchased by the State of Florida Office of Greenways and Trails on December 31, 2007 and has been turned over to Volusia and Brevard counties for development and maintenance. The 50-plus mile corridor runs from Enterprise through south Deltona to Edgewater and Titusville. This corridor will become part of Volusia County’s Showcase Multi-Use Trails network."

"The Atlantic Coast, St. Johns & Indian River Railroad in 1885 linked Titusville with Enterprise, from which ran a spur line to the Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railroad at Enterprise Junction in present-day DeBary. But in 1888, Florida experienced an epidemic of yellow fever. The population of Enterprise dwindled, and Deland became county seat. The freezes of 1894 and 1895 wiped out the citrus industry in much of the state, including the deBary groves. Enterprise voted to de-incorporate in 1895. Its distinctive midden, once featured on the city seal, would disappear, the shells used to pave streets and sidewalks.


In 1924, the George E. Turner Power Plant was built near the shore of Lake Monroe. The town was renamed "Benson Springs" in 1927, a change petitioned by the owner, employees and guests of the Benson Springs Hotel. Never popular, the name "Benson Springs" changed back to "Enterprise" in 1937, the year the deteriorating hotel was razed to increase room for the Florida United Methodist Children's Home. The Florida East Coast Railway branch was abandoned in the 1950s, its track removed in the 1970s. Dismantling the George E. Turner Power Plant began in 2007, and was completed in February of 2008. Today, Enterprise struggles not to be absorbed by Deltona."

"In 1893 the JT&KW went bankrupt. The Southeastern Railway bought the line from Enterprise to Titusville in 1899, and later that year sold it to the Florida East Coast Railway. Also that year, the rest of the system was reincorporated as the Jacksonville and St. Johns River Railway and sold to the Savannah, Florida and Western Railway (the Plant System). The Plant System became part of the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad in 1902. In 1967 the ACL merged into the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad, eventually becoming part of CSX. The JT&KW is now part of the "A" Line, one of CSX's two main lines into Florida." (Because Geocities is going away at the end of October I will likely mirror this site)

Railroad news:

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) is an economic regulatory agency charged with resolving freight railroad rate and service disputes, reviewing proposed rail mergers, rail line purchases, constructions and abandonments. The Board also oversees Amtrak’s on-time performance and has jurisdiction over other matters.

STB Filings

STB decisions (abandonments can go here, search for "Docket Number: AB_").

Unfortunately none of the STB sites have any syndication feeds. Grumble, grumble.

Another good site to get GIS data is It includes crossings data which will help identify mileposts, crossings, lines, branches and sidings. This is a fantastically useful site!

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has some good info but lacks good syndication feeds or indexing. Mostly have to use Google searching techniques here to mine good information. Although the Safetydata FRA site has some good search-able data.

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