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Train schedule for Orange City, FL

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Also see my Orlando and DeLand railfanning page.

This is a rough schedule of train movement through the DD at Orange City, FL.

Defect detector broadcasts on the road channel 160.5900 MHz at mile post MP 755.4. I live 8 miles from the DD and monitor the railroad channels much of the time. I am starting to log the movements I hear or catch at

The Dispatch frequency is 160.9200 MHz on the A Line in the Orlando area from Jacksonville south.

By now you have figured out odd numbered trains are southbound and even numbered trains are northbounds.

Generally speaking Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days for train movement. Early mornings and late evenings. On Wednesdays and Fridays in the mornings before P053 arrives (usually) you will find A766 running cars from [[,+Sanford,+FL&sll=28.789646,-81.290996&sspn=0.003423,0.006641&g=2200+Country+Club+Road,+sanford,+fl&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=2200+Country+Club+Rd,+Sanford,+Seminole,+Florida+32771&ll=28.790907,-81.29149&spn=0.003423,0.006641&t=h&z=17&lci=com.panoramio.all,|Sunlight Foods in North Lake Mary on the Sanford Siding all the way up to DeLand branch line (delivering corn syrup) then returning south stopping at Benson Junction on the way back to Rand Yard in Sanford where it will tie up for the day until the next run.

DayTime (24 hr local ET)RRTrainDirectionConsistNotes
(as needed)7-9CSXK968NBRock (empties)Kaley Yard (Orlando) to Dan, GA (becomes F019 in GA)
Daily08-10AmtrakP053SBPassengerLorton, VA to Sanford
Daily09:20AmtrakP091SBPassengerSilver Star
Daily12AmtrakP097SBPassengerSilver Meteor
Daily14:45AmtrakP092NBPassengerSilver Star
Daily16-16:30AmtrakP052NBPassengerSanford to Lorton, VA
Daily20:10AmtrakP098NBPassengerSilver Meteor
M-F (most days)9:30-10CSXN170NBCoal (empty)Taft to Myra, KY for Orlando Utilities
M-SA (as req.)10-16 (avoiding Amtrak in the siding)CSXQ455SBManifest (pigs,tanks,mixed)Waycross, GA to Taft
(as req.)15-18CSXK709SBManifest (pigs,tanks,mixed)Junction City, GA to Taft
(as req.)17-MidnightCSXN160SBCoalErwin, TN to Taft for Orlando Utilities (re-crew in Sanford)
(as req.)17-19CSXK710NBManifest (pigs,tanks,mixed)K709 empties. Taft back to Junction City, GA
M-SA (as req.)19:30-22CSXQ456NBQ455 emptiesWaycross, GA to Taft
As req.20-03CSXQ187NBIntermodalJax to Tampa
As req.21-0CSXQ188SBIntermodalTampa to Jax
As req.23-02CSXQ178NBIntermodal/RockTaft to Jax
(as req).(varies) evenings or early morningCSXK950NBRock/StoneNot sure it fell of off the roster
SundayeveningCSXL188NBIntermodalalternate schedule Q188 train

The Sunset Limited Amtrak trains P001(SB) and P002(NB) used to run from Los Angeles, CA through to Orlando. Unfortunately Hurricane Katrina destroyed the tracks east of New Orleans with Amtrak suspending the service east of New Orleans on September 1, 2005. It has remained suspended to Orlando ever since. Recently Congress authorized re-establishing the service back to Orlando and there is a plan in place to restore service back to Orlando (which by the way calls for re-opening the Sanford passenger station!) but at this point the plan looks doubtful.

There are several unit coal trains that take coal to the OUC plant in Orlando with numbers like: N152, N170, N148, N160, etc.. there are too many to make a schedule out of but they tend to be either real early in the morning or late at night sometimes late evening. Look here for all the different unit trains.

Locals that pass through Orange City:

A764 - 2nd Sanford Switcher (pm) - Sanford to Benson Junction to DeLand (as needed) and return to Sanford

A766 - Sanford Switcher (am) - Sanford to Benson Junction to DeLand (as needed) and return to Sanford

If the S line is in maintenance trains sometimes will be re-routed over the A line through Orlando which has happened before such as the Juice train (K650).

Train symbols can be found here:

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