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Orlando and Orange County Florida

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SODO - SOuth of DOwntown:

I've heard some folks younger than myself call it SODO, which I assume means south of downtown since that intersection is south of "downtown" proper.

SODO was created about 3 years ago when they built the new Super Target near Orange & Michigan & called that new shopping center SODO

As to what part of Orlando you are in & where things are........ a few things that might help.............

The actual City is divided into quadrants with the center being downtown at the intersection of Orange & Central Avenue. Central Av divides the city into North & South & Orange divides East & West. So technically you are in SE Orlando.

In Orlando and Orange County, even numbered addresses are on the South & West sides of streets & odd numbers are on the North and East sides.

When going to an unfamiliar address be very certain you know if it is the east or west, north or south portion of that street. Otherwise you could be miles off course or even in an unsafe area.

You can usually tell if you are in the city limits or Orange county by looking at the street signs. The City has a Fountain on theirs. County has an Orange.

If someone ( an oldtimer LOL ) mentions the East-West ... they are talking about the 408 toll road.

A lot of our streets have multiple names, sometimes depending on what portion you are on. Mills Av is also 17-92 as well as Orlando Av. Orange Blossom Trail is also SR441. I-r is also SR 400.

The midget houses of Orlando:

"Tiny Houses And Things That Go Poof In The Night

By Bob Morris of the Sentinel staff, January 8, 1989

Remembrance of things past, Chapter One: Just blink your eyes in Central Florida and more landmarks disappear. This time they're the source of a local legend - the Midget Houses. As the old story went, the tiny homes on Michigan Avenue just west of the railroad tracks were built for midgets who performed with the James E. Strates carnivals headquartered here. Truth is, they were built during the Depression by John Robinson, an Orlando contractor who erected them on a small scale simply because all he had to work with was salvaged lumber."

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