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Tomato Growing in Central Florida

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This is a work in progress and is not currently complete. Please check back again.

In May 9, 2014 I bought some tomato plant for a $1 each at the local Ace hardware. This page chronicles my struggles of growing tomato plants in the Central Florida area.

Out of ignorance I bought clay pots at Walmart for a little over a buck apiece for these new plants and transplanted them from small plastic planters at the Ace HW store.

On Saturday I bought them in the afternoon and they looked a little wilted. By Sunday afternoon I had them transplanted in clay pots and above ground.

<insert pics here>

Monday I went into the office and by Monday night most of the plants had a browning and wilted leaves despite giving them a good does of water Sunday night.

According to the Cornell University Tomato Leaf Diagnostics I had Grey Leaf Spot

I found this article Common Mistakes Growing Tomatoes in Containers very helpful. The writer encouraged me to instead plant tomato plants in a self contained self watering container box such as EarthBox or this product I found at Lowe's seemed similar but much cheaper alternative to EarthBox. Reviews of EarthBox: and

Fertilizer and care products for tomatoes:

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