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ashpodder is a complete command line management tool to replace the proprietary (and bloated) Apple iTunes. For the most part you still need iTunes (Microsoft Windows or Apple Macintosh operating systems only) to update the firmware and install applications (well there are exceptions see Jailbreaking) however I no longer use it day to day to manage my iPods.

I don't listen to music as much on the go as I do speech audio and I love podcasts so my setup mainly revolves around downloading, aggregating and delivering podcasts to my iPod devices. There are several bash script clones to handle the podcast delivery part but what I wanted most was a complete management solution that was the good part of iTunes. It would detect what podcasts I had already listened to and delete them from iTunes and the iPod to save space. This of course could be configured on a podcast by podcast basis since some of them I would tend to archive. I also love grouping my podcasts in to playlists. So I am hacking a management solution for all of this starting with Chess Griffin's Mashpodder (which in turn was derived from Linc Fessenden's Bashpodder re-hacked as ashpodder.

Ashpodder is named in honor of Ash Williams and his boomstick!



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