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NOAAPORT Internet Stream

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> i know noaaport has nexrad
> radar images in its data stream, but i can't find a free publicly
> available site with this data. if they are on
> i can't find them can anyone help me out

They're in there. You just have to know where and how to dig for them.

That will give you a list of directories, each directory is the data from a single site.

For example :

Is the directory containing the N0R product images for radar site KFFC (Peachtree City, GA).

Dig through the files in DC.radar, and if you can, look at the first few lines of each file. Those will contain a header which will tell you what the product is.

The first two lines of a file pulled from the SI.kffc directory there will look like this:

 SDUS52 KFFC 192009

The second line says "N0R from FFC".

If you need any help decoding the files, let me know and I'll be glad to help. I've written my own parser and decoder for both the radial scan data and the raster scan data (you'll learn the difference as you trudge through the different projects available).

> i would be interested in a program that can renter images from the
> noaaport data file.
> im assuming radial scan data is radar?
> and raster scan is satellite images?
> (just a guess... )

They're both scan types for nexrad data.

Radial scan is for the base reflectivity, base velocity, and SRM radial velocity products.

Raster scan is for all of the other nexrad graphics products: echo tops, VIL, and radar precipitation estimates.

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