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Date:    Wed, 3 Dec 2008 21:31:50 -0600
From:    Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste@WEATHER.ADMIN.NIU.EDU>
Subject: Re: Help setting up NOAAPORT SYSTEM

On Wed, 3 Dec 2008, Jason wrote:

> > Does anyone have a link to a good place to read with info or a FAQ
> > page about sitting up a NOAAPORT feed for newbies.

> > I need a computer for injesting the data I assume linux with special
> > software. I have a computer I can use


> > I will need a 6 to 8 ft sat dish I am in west Ky aimes at AMC-4 is
> > this somehting i can get aimed i have aimed several DTV and DISHNET
> > dishes

That won't work. You need a minimum of 10', preferably 12', but 10' would 
be decent.

> > i will need a feedhorn for the dish type unknown

Yep, depends on the dish you get.

> > i will need a receiver i have been hearing about the novra s75??

That's what I use, and it works well.

> > Need a way to interface between noaaport and gempak PC's

That depends on what you want to do...

> > what changes need to be made to gempak computer to injest from
> > noaaport instead of the internet

You need to run ingest software to do this; it is available.

> > Any info would greatly be appreciated

Just be ready for sticker shock: The dish alone is over $5,000. Anything 
smaller than 10' will either be too small to pick up the weak signal that 
is NOAAport, and will pick up interference from adjacent satellites.
With computers, Novra, and mounting a 10' dish in your yard, you're 
looking at well over $10,000 in cost.

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