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Movies that engineers would appreciate

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A note these are not just movies about engineers (like say Falling Down, Iron Man or Office Space) but movies showing actual engineering or the art of engineering something either professionally or as an amateur (but using good principles).

  1. Apollo 13
  2. No Highway in the Sky (wiki) (author: Nevil Shute)
  3. October Sky
  4. The Astronaut Farmer
  5. The Flight of the Phoenix
  6. X-15
  7. Island in the Sky
  8. Das Boat (english subtitles "The Boat")
  9. Lorenzo's Oil
  10. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  11. Stand and Deliver

Honorable mention:

These stray from my criteria (usually the sound engineering principles part) however they are geeky and interesting to engineers so I will include them here:

The Aviator

What's not on the list and why:

Films like older movies about Thomas Edison are not included usually they fail to apply the selection criteria. In my case Edison has never been considered by me to be a real engineer (I know this will be controversial) because of the history I have read about him he never once applied engineering principles but rather fits more the description of a hacker or just obsessed. He kept working at a problem without really stepping back scientifically and trying to figure out the root cause of his failure. By his own admission he made thousands of mistakes for every one success he seemingly stumbled upon. I also regard Nikola Tesla in this same way however Tesla seemed to apply more sound engineering to his works more often then did Edison.

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