To monitor the various public safety agencies (sheriff, police, fire, EMS, etc.) in East Central Florida, you need to have a Trunk Tracker type scanner.
It is almost impossible to monitor these trunked systems using and older, conventional type scanner. Only a few agencies in this area are still communicating in conventional (non-trunked) mode.

The following is a list of the trunked systems currently being used in East Central Florida.

Volusia County
Brevard County
Indian River County
Florida Power & Light
Orlando Utilities Commission

- The frequencies must be entered into the scanner as they are listed on the webpage (LCN order).
- Only the Uniden EDACS scanners can follow the FP&L and OUC narrowband EDACS systems.

Orange County               City of Orlando
Osceola County              City of Winter Park
Palm Beach County           Disney World
Polk County                 Disney Cruise Ships
St. Lucie County            Sea World
Seminole County             Universal Studios
City of Lakeland            Progress Energy
City of Maitland            Tampa Electric Company
City of Ocala               Delta Airlines
Many business users         

- Some scanners have a "Control Channel Only Mode" where you just have to enter the control channel to
  monitor a Motorola Trunked System. All systems in this area use Plan 1 except for Polk County which
  uses Plan 2.
- Motorola Trunked Systems are also used by business users (taxicabs, pest control, wreckers, repairmen etc.).
  They are mostly in the 935 - 940 MHz business band.

Ft. Pierce Utilities Authority
Mears Transportation
MV Transportation (Orlando Paratransit System)
Rinker Materials Corporation
Tarmac, Inc.
Various business users

- The frequencies must be entered into the scanner as they are listed on the webpage (LCN order).
- Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) Trunk Systems do not have a control channel such as Motorola or Ericsson
  Trunked Systems. On a LTR Trunk System a data burst can be heard on each frequency of the system around
  every 10 to 20 seconds.
- LTR Trunked Systems are used by many business users (security patrols, paratransit systems, taxicabs,
  pest control, wreckers, sanitation trucks, repairmen etc.) all over Florida. They can be found in the
  400, 800 and 900 MHz business bands.

State of Florida                (all digital)
Alachua County / Gainesville    (mixed analog/digital)
Martin County                   (mixed analog/digital)
City of Apopka                  (mixed analog/digital)
Kennedy Space Center            (all digital)
Cape Canaveral AFS              (all digital)
Patrick Air Force Base          (mixed digital/encrypted)

The following agencies are using the State of Florida system:
Florida Highway Patrol (including the Florida Turnpike)
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida Department of Business Regulations
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Florida Department of Corrections
Florida Department of Management Services
Florida Department of Transportation - Motor Carrier Enforcement
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice
Florida State Fire Marshall
Florida National Guard
State University Police Departments
Capitol Police
Division Of Insurance Fraud
Medicaid Fraud Control
Agricultural Law Enforcement

The following trunked systems/modes cannot be monitored by any type of scanner:

M/A-COM Pro-Voice Digital Trunked Systems  (new State of Florida System)
LTR Multinet Trunked Systems               (currently only used in Clay County)
NEXTEL iDEN Trunked Systems                (new Disney World System)
EDACS Aegis Digital Mode                   (used on some talkgroups for police undercover work)
Motorola Encrypted Mode                    (used on some PAFB and State of Florida talkgroups)

The following is a list of Trunk Tracker scanners and the types of trunked systems
that they will receive:

Radio Shack PRO-90     Motorola only
Radio Shack PRO-91     Motorola only
Radio Shack PRO-92     Motorola / EDACS / LTR
Radio Shack PRO-93     Motorola / EDACS
Radio Shack PRO-94     Motorola / EDACS
Radio Shack PRO-95     Motorola / EDACS
Radio Shack PRO-96     Motorola / EDACS / Motorola Digital
Radio Shack PRO-2050   Motorola only
Radio Shack PRO-2052   Motorola / EDACS
Radio Shack PRO-2053   Motorola / EDACS
Radio Shack PRO-2066   Motorola only
Radio Shack PRO-2067   Motorola / EDACS / LTR
Uniden BCT8            Motorola / EDACS / LTR
Uniden BC235XLT        Motorola only
Uniden BC245XLT        Motorola / EDACS
Uniden BC246T          Motorola / EDACS / LTR
Uniden BC250D          Motorola / EDACS / LTR / Motorola Digital with BCi25D board installed
Uniden BC296D          Motorola / EDACS / LTR / Motorola Digital
Uniden BC780XLT        Motorola / EDACS / LTR
Uniden BC785D          Motorola / EDACS / LTR / Motorola Digital with BCi25D board installed
Uniden BC796D          Motorola / EDACS / LTR / Motorola Digital
Uniden BC895XLT        Motorola only
Uniden BC898T          Motorola / EDACS / LTR

The following scanners can also receive EDACS I-Calls and Motorola Private Calls:
Uniden BC250XLT
Uniden BC246T
Uniden BC296D
Uniden BC780XLT
Uniden BC785D
Uniden BC796D

Typical scanner receiving ranges:
A portable scanner can receive a trunked system up to 10 to 15 miles from the transmitting
antenna. A base scanner with an external antenna can receive a trunked system up to 15 to
25 miles from the transmitting antenna. These ranges depend on various conditions such as
scanner sensitivity, location and type of antenna used.

Always program in to the scanner the frequencies of the closest transmitter antenna to your

Only the repeater output frequencies are listed on the website. Do not enter the repeater input
frequencies into the scanner.

One channel in each Motorola or EDACS trunk system is the control (data) channel. It will be
active all the time and sound like digital data (buzzing sound). If you can still hear this
channel after you programmed a trunked system into your scanner, you did not program the scanner
correctly. If you programmed it correctly you should start seeing talkgroup ID's.
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