Kevin P Inscoe

Greeneville, Tennessee 37743 Email:
Portfolio: Phone: 641-715-3900 Extension: 76014
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Platform Engineer

Platform, SRE, Linux, Go and Python software engineer with 38 years of systems, virtualization, containerization, deployment, web and development experience.

Professional Experience (prior 25 years)

Senior site reliability engineer: ACS Technologies: 2020-Current

Platform and Site Reliability Engineering. Deployed and provisioned monolithic and microservice applications for R&D engineering teams working in SRE team on a bi-weekly scrum. Responsibilities include:

Staff Engineer: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: 2002-2020

Site Reliability Engineer. Deployed AWS infrastructure for engineering teams using Hashicorp Terraform, working in teams on a bi-weekly scrum. More recent responsibilities include:

Complete employment history available on Linkedin.

Technical Experience

Open Source

Contributions to the Gentoo Linux Project such as ebuilds and bugfixes.

Programming Languages and syntaxes

Go Lang:2 years

Python:8 years

Perl:32 years

Bash/Shell script:35 years

Hashicorp Terraform:7 years

SaltStack:3 years

PHP:15 years

HTML:30 years

Working knowledge of Java, GNU C++, x86 assembly (MASM), COBOL, Pascal

Skills not previously mentioned

Vault, Terraform Enterprise, Linode, Apache, Jira, Confluence, PyCharm, YAML, JSON, XML, CSS, PowerShell, Visual Basic, VAX, OpenVMS, Solaris, ZFS, Solaris Zones, Google Cloud (GCP), Nagios

Major Accomplishments:

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