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This is a stub page at the moment. For more about me see http://kevininscoe.com/about/

What motivates me to host this and other web sites?

Well for one thing I love sharing knowledge and the things I learn. Second I perform web hosting and support web and information servers for a living so it comes natural to me. Third I am a journal-er and writing things down electronically makes it easier for me to find them later rather than go through boxes of journal books. Fourth its a cheaper and more effective way to publish world-wide than to write and publish books.

I can tell you what does not motivate me and that is revenue. I already make a good living I don't need to generate revenue from my web sites. In fact I am pretty disgusted with the layers of Javascript and pop-up advertising that litters web sites these days. You will not see such tactics here. I generally try to eschew using client-side Javascript but it does have its place. I do use Google Analytics to see what articles are getting the most attention. But you can easily block that and the sites will continue to run.