Clifton Turner's RX320 and DB320 Programs

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Some of this content is mirrored from as it appeared on July 29, 2009. This link is now dead. Tom AB9B new homepage appears to be but he has removed all but mention of CliftonTurners program.

2017-03-28: My understanding is Clifton Turner KF5OJ whose callsign expired in 2010 is now a silent key who passed in 2012. It is in unclear to me who holds the rights to this software now but it isn't likely in the public domain. According to Fair Use laws in the United States I am hosting what I once was able to download a decade or more ago.

What follows is quoted from from AB9B's original page except the download links which I am now hosting here and a slight bit of formatting to fit this wiki.

"Clifton Turner has published two magnificent programs for the TenTec RX-320 receiver: RX320, the controller, and DB320, the integrated interface to the free ILG shortwave broadcast database.

These programs are available as freeware/shareware, and run on all Windows releases from Win98 through WinXP.

RX320 is Clifton's full-featured controller.


Some of the program's many features include:

  • All 34 Filter Settings are available.
  • Direct Keyboard Frequency, click on display digit to tune, tune with the tuning knob, or use Up/Down Buttons.
  • Selectable AGC settings
  • Tuning Steps from 1 Hz to 100 kHz
  • PB Shift
  • Scheduler to tune to a specific memory at a User defined time.
  • Squelch.
  • Selectable Colors for Display and listboxs.
  • 48 easily programmed Memory Buttons.
  • Tuning from *.320 frequency files
  • BandScope
  • Display On-Air entries in the memory file window.
  • Mini screen allows basic program functions with a very small screen presence. Change frequency, mode, AGC, Filter, Volume and Mute.

DB320 is Clifton's front end for the ILGRadio database, a free database of shortwave broadcast programs. The database is updated approximately quarterly, and is available for free from


Some of the program's features include:

  • Display, sorting, and filtering of the ILGRadio database
  • Uses either the text version or the dBase version of the database
  • Selectable display columns and ordering
  • Re-sizeable window
  • Can display only those stations that are currently on the air
  • User defined filtering
  • Filtering on program content
  • Logging
  • In conjunction with Clifton's RX320 program, full 2-way communication and tuning. (Clicking a database entry tunes the radio to that frequency; tuning the radio to a frequency attempts to find the corresponding entry or entries in the database.)

License and Availability

These programs are copyright (c) 1999, 2000 by kf5oj Clifton J. Turner Jr. Clifton has made them freely available for your personal use.

If you like the programs, Clifton requests that you make a PayPal contribution to his email address: Do not send money to this address this is a legacy email and Mr. Turner is now deceased.


Prior to Installation...

Before you install the programs, you must have the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtime Module installed on your computer. Once you have downloaded the executable archive, execute it by double-clicking its filename in your download directory. The installation program will install the DLL on your system.

Installing the RX320 Program

The RX320 program is distributed in two files, and After you have downloaded both files, unzip them into an empty work directory.

Execute the Setup.exe program. RX320 will be installed on your computer.

Installing the DB320 Program

The DB320 program is distributed in two files, and After you have downloaded both files, unzip them into an empty work directory. (If you have installed RX320 first, make sure that your work directory is empty before unziping the DB320 files.)

Execute the Setup.exe program. DB320 will be installed on your computer.

The ILGRadio database format changed in early 2005. This little conversion utility will massage the current database format into one compatible with DB320.

Download, and unzip it into the directory you use for DB320. Place a current copy of the ILGSTEXT.TXT file into this directory. Run ReFormatILG - its operation is self-explanatory - and then run Clifton's ImportILG.exe pre-processor. You should now be able to open the database in DB320.

Here's the Delphi 2005 source code for the utility.


Any and all questions you might have regarding these programs should be posed to the Yahoo RX-320 group, at


"On behalf of Clifton Turner, Jr, thank you very much for installing and using these programs.

     --Tom Lackamp,  AB9B"