Hector Peraza's rx320 program for Linux

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Hector Peraza wrote a control program for the rx-320/rx-321 based on a 32-bit library called Xclass called rx320. These are my notes on obtaining various versions that appeared over a decade ago. This is the GUI based program I use most often with my RX-321.


"It uses the xclass libraries (see link above). You must install the xclass first then the rx320 program for it to work. Complete control of the radio is possible and it does have the capability to use the .320 file format in the database .Thanks to Hector Pereza for taking the time to write a linux only controller for this."

This class will not compile on 64-bit systems I have tried a few times to refactor it for 64-bit and came up each time with the conclusion it would be faster and more prudent to write my own in Python (which I now program in). Since this has not yet started I continue to use Hector's program which suits my current needs. I have written numerous Bash and some Python scripts which use Alex Fraiser's rx320 command line program which I have cloned into a Github repo which I will published in a few days.