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| [[Software and Operating Systems]] | [[Hardware and Electronics]] | [[Ham Radio]] | [[Weather]] | [[Mediawiki Info]] |
[[Software and Operating Systems]] | [[Hardware and Electronics]] | [[Ham Radio]] | [[Weather]] | [[Mediawiki Info]]

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Welcome to the Kevin Patrick Inscoe Public Information Portal (Wiki)

I am a minister of the Gospel, a teacher, an author, an operating system and software engineer, an electronics and radio frequency engineer and hobbyist, licensed ham (Amateur) radio operator, amateur historian and a weather and atmosphere aficionado. I also am interested in many other things that will likely show up on here. I use wikis because I find them fast and easy to use as opposed to other CMS systems. This wiki is not publicly editable.

This wiki represents all of my personal notes accumulated over several decades. It encompasses technical, engineering, teaching, articles I have written, information on books I have written, the Bible, prayer and Christian Living my experiences with the world around me.

You can use the search bar above to the right or I have a list of major topics below.

Although I cannot answer every email I receive I can be contacted by email atMy email address.png

Software and Operating Systems | Hardware and Electronics | Ham Radio | Weather | Mediawiki Info