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Just too many to list on a single-sheet resume.


Technical achievements

  • Onboarded Akamai CDN network for HMH with 7 major properties.
  • Numerous AWS serverless Lambda functions to monitor cost, perform log processing to ELK and later to Datadog.
  • Wrote a AWS resource monitoring web application called SWARM, first in PHP and then later adapted to Python/Django.
  • Deploy AWS infrastructure and resources using automation and pull requests including Terraform and Jenkins. Familiarity with Amazon SDK's including CLI and Python.
  • Implement metrics and log forwarding to Datadog. Create monitors and reports from Datadog metrics. Assign alerts to PagerDuty. Created Health reports from *AWS Personal Health Dashboard to SNS topics and Pagerduty.
  • Create AWS cost and tagging compliance tools using Python or Terraform.
  • Create tooling (usually AWS Lambda and Python) to retrieve CDN (Akamai) logs to ELK stack.
  • Implement and support multiple Marklogic high-performance clusters including scale-out, separating data and e-nodes, performing numerous migrations, XQuery scripting, backup/restore, database forest and replicas administration in AWS Cloud environments.
  • Administrate, create properties, Header administration, spoof-testing Staging network, Authenticate requests for AWS S3 origins, deploy and purge content, Netstorage administration and API programming (Python).
  • Create common Terraform modules (referencing other Github modules) for use across multiple AWS environments.
  • Creating AWS VPC, subnets, routing and VPC Gateways both via Console and using Terraform. Create VPN and Direct Connect network connections with existing infrastructure. Create Virtual private gateway associations.
  • Create infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation however deferred mostly to Terraform for provisioning. Importing and exporting using CloudFormation.
  • Implement, destroy and monitor AWS infrastructure including EC2, S3, RDS, SQS, SNS, MQ and Lambda. Create auto-scaling in conjunction with AWS ELB load balancers and WAFs. Experience with AWS ACM certificate management and AWS IAM best practice such as roles, STS tokens amd cross-account practices.
  • Manage backup and recovery using N2WS Backup & Recovery (CPM), EC2 AMI and EC2 Snapshots management.
  • AWS EC2 Linux and Windows patch management using SaltStack and SSH access via AWS Systems Manager.
  • AWS EC2 AMI creation using
  • Linux Configuration management using SaltStack, Chef, AWS OpsWorks and Systems Manager.
  • AWS Storage technologies such as NFS, EFS and EBS volumes.
  • Migrated over seventy applications from traditional infrastructure into AWS Cloud.
  • Managed Terraform pull requests using and Terraform Enterprise.
  • Managed Java web applications and deployments via IBM WebSphere, Jboss, Glassfish and Tomcat.
  • Managed and deploy scalable performance driven web application clusters using Nginx, HAPROXY, FastCGI-FPM, Memcached and Amazon ElastiCache.
  • Written numerous tools and one-offs using Bash, Java, PHP and Python.
  • Implement and maintained the company domain name services (DNS) public and private including DNS spoofing, Blackhole, AWS Route 53, Active Directory and BIND. Setup DNS spoof and proxy services such as Dnsmasq, SQUID and Privoxy.
  • Implement SMTP gateways using Postfix and implementing anti-spam and blacklist (DNSBL/RBL) technology such as setting SPF DNS records, using DKIM and DMARC. Create AWS SMTP gateways using AWS SES.
  • Mentored, teacher for Engineering and Content Management staff on many topics related to infrastructure, Linux engineering and repository best practice.
  • Administrated and migrated a number of large (2TB+) Subversion, CVS and Git repositories. I teach Git best practice. See
  • Created an monitoring interface for VAX/VMS to BMC Patrol monitoring tool which I received an award in 1998.


  • AWS - 7 years
  • Google Cloud - Novice
  • Docker - 5 years
  • Hashicorp Terraform - 4 years
  • - 4 years
  • GNU/Linux - 26 years
  • VAX/VMS - 36 years
  • Solaris - 27 years
  • Git - 10 years
  • Subversion - 12 years
  • Unix - 30 years
  • Linode - 16 years
  • Docker - 3 years
  • Datadog - 2 years
  • Marklogic - 3 years
  • Django - 4 years
  • SMTP - 20 years I maintain my own public Postfix mail servers for multiple domains.

Languages and syntaxes

  • Python - 5 years
  • Perl - 23 years
  • GNU Bash/Shell scripting - 27 years
  • GoLang - Novice
  • Hashicorp HCL - 4 years
  • HTML - 25 years
  • CSS - 20 years
  • PHP - 15 years
  • SaltStack - 3 years
  • YAML - 5 years
  • JSON - 5 years
  • XML - 20 years
  • R - Novice
  • Perl - 25 years
  • BASH - 26 years
  • COBOL - 4 years
  • Pascal - 1 year
  • Assembler X86 (MASM) - 2 years


  • PyCharm
  • Jira - 10 years
  • Confluence - 10 years


  • Linux Foundation Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management (LFC210) - 2020
  • Linux Foundation A Beginner's Guide to Open Source Software Development (LFD102) - 2020
  • Linux Foundation Kubernetes Fundamentals (LFS258) - 2020
  • Linux Foundation A Beginner's Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103) - 2020
  • Architecting on AWS - 2018 (updated)
  • MarkLogic Administration - 2017
  • Systems Operations on AWS - 2016
  • Architecting on AWS - 2014


Public code at (what I am able to release publicly)

Please understand much of the code I have written was proprietary and it cannot be shared publicly. I will produce samples of my work to show competency.