Ten-Tec RX-320 and RX-321 LW/HF receiver radio technical notes

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TenTec RX-320 and RX-321 HF serial port controlled receivers.

I own a Ten-Tec model RX-321 (a.k.a Globe Wireless) serial controlled HF receiver. S/N # 03C10930. Purchased in 2007.

Manuals and guides



TenTec originally supplied software and downloads

As appeared on http://radio.tentec.com/downloads/receivers/RX320D (now defunct I believe) in 2008.



I occasionally stream the output of the RX-321 to this site: https://kevininscoe.com/rx321/

There is also an online RX-320 at http://www.remotehams.com/orb.html?id=7108