Unix for Busy People

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This is a course I thought at a previous employer (fictitiously referred to as Yoyodyne) some time ago. You can see how dated it is. I leave it here for posterity and perhaps for fun.

Course Description

  • A study of modern Unix) derived systems for business customers who are end users of a Unix system. This course is not geared for users who are primary Unix users however it is a good start for a beginning primary user. This course is geared towards Solaris and Redhat Linux although it is generic enough to apply to all post 2002 Unix derived operating systems.
  • This course is not an advocacy course. You won't be bored with the history of this or that other than which is essential to a good understand of the philosophy of the way Unix systems work in general.

Textbook (highly recommended):

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To provide the student with information about the philosophy of Unix derived operating systems.
  • To provide overview of commands related to everyday use of the Unix operating systems.
  • To provide information on the Unix file systems and directory structure.
  • To provide information on obtaining further help with more advanced and also programming topics.
  • To provide information on free and open source software and advocacy.

Course outline and handouts

  • All reading assignments should be completed by the date to the left of the assignment.
Class Topic Reading assignment Handout Lab Notes
1 Introduction to Unix Philosophy and it's different flavors and account assignments Hour 1 Unix for Busy People - Introduction None Read Basics of the Unix Philosophy
2 Logging in, Secure Shell and the Network Read Hours 2 & 21 Unix for Busy People - Logging in, Secure Shell and the Network
3 File systems, files, directories and devices Read Hour 3 Unix for Busy People - Handout 03
4 File and disk management and locating files Read Hours 4, 6 & 22
5 Users, superusers, groups, su and sudo No reading assignment this week. Review the handout instead.
6 Security and permissions Read Hour 5
7 Logins, Jobs and Process No reading assignment this week. Review the handout instead
8 Pipes, redirection and stream Read Hours 8 & 9
9 Text editing, manipulation and filters (sed, grep, awk and tr) Read Hour 10
10 Scheduling, jobs, batch, cron and printing Read Hour 15
11 Customizing, shells, shortcuts, environment, profile, scripts and running programs Read Hours 13 and 14
12 Messaging and email, Intro to shell scripting and automation Read Hours 20, 16 & 17
13 Archiving and backups. scp, rsync and copying files off system. Read Hour 19
14 Archiving and backups. scp, rsync and copying files off system. Read Hour 19 and review Hour 6
15 Troubleshooting, how to get help on more advanced topics None
16 Individual make-up and Q&A. Open session None