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See also My thoughts on Journaling, My thoughts on Documentation and my notes on Ebook readers.

Editing and book assembly

I am just starting down this journey so my original thoughts are not much yet. I am still deciding on what technology to use to assemble my books. I have already decided I want to use Vim as my editor. I detest word processors like Microsoft Word. I am more fast with minimal typing and creating lots of small files which can be assembled, post-processed and typeset later by tools such as LaTeX or Docbook. For now I am going to attempt my first book in Docbook.

My using Docbook notes


For now I have decided to become self-published. I will make my books available as an ebook in all acceptable formats and as a PDF.

See also Getting Published.

The art of writing itself

Some notes I have found from various authors I respect:

George Orwell's 6 Questions and 6 Rules

How to get my job by Jerry Pournelle

What others have said to me

Further notes

I maintain tags at http://delicious.com/KE3VIN/writing for articles on writing that I like.