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Welcome to my portfolio site. I maintain several other public and private web sites some of which are linked to on this site.

My name is Kevin Patrick Inscoe and I am licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as an Amateur Radio Operator (General Class) with the call-sign KE3VIN. This site represents my public writings, notes (in the form of a wiki and journal) publications and know-how.

I have a primary residence in Deltona, Florida and a secondary residence in Greeneville, Tennessee. I spend most of the year in Florida.


Professionally I am a Linux, DEVOPS, Cloud and Operational Reliability engineer for an international company. In that capacity I support Amazon Web Services, cloud deployments, Terraform and Docker primarily. I am what is referred to as a Unix “Grey Beard”.

Please note I’m not looking for new opportunities at this time. Please understand I cannot personally respond to the many requests I receive each week.

Summary and historical: I have 34 years of software engineering and information technology experience in industries including telecommunications, cellular, newspaper and book publishing, internet and hosting services, cellular network deployment and service provisioning to name a few.

I program now exclusively in Python but was once experienced in a number of software development platforms including: Perl, Java, PHP and C. I was once fluent in the GNU open source software development environment. I also have experience in legacy software development such as Cobol, Pascal and Basic derivations and dialects as well as assembler languages such as MC68K, x86 (MASM) and HP/DEC/VAX Macro-32. You’re really digging if you are looking for those but I still know how to work with these products. I still own several DEC MicroVAXes.

I work with MySQL/MariaDB as a programmer and sometimes administrator but I am not a Database Administrator. I am coming up to speed with Python 3.x and Django framework. 15 years of Apache and web servers. 25 years of HTML. I have done lots of legacy stuff with PHP and Perl (CGI and mod_). Proxies, web accelerators and caching, Squid, NGINX and HAproxy. Load balancers and Content switches like Arrowpoint/Cisco CSS.

Professionally I posses a broad background with a number of host operating systems including: Linux, IRIX (SGI), Sun Solaris (up to v10), IBM AIX (up to v4), OpenVMS (v4.x-7.x) and FreeBSD (v4.7-5.x) and OpenBSD (all).

Highlights of my career include development of the early cellular fraud validation code (PVNEG), deployment of highly available content delivery systems, vertical and horizontal scaling and virtualized application servers, writing device drivers for host to switched network controllers, weather reporting systems (working with the National weather Service interfaces and ftp/web sites, writing Hurricane tracking software in the 90’s) and high availability clusters using cellular file systems. Of particular note I won an award for writing a non-existent interface between a VAX/VMS and an HP Monitoring system.

I particularly enjoy challenges such as interfacing dissimilar systems and stabilizing environments within small budgets.

I am an accomplished electronics engineer and Federal Communications Commission licensed Radio Amateur (General Class) being no stranger to hardware, radio and electrical interfaces. I schooled to be an broadcast radio engineer although I never had the chance to perform that work professionally.

I am also also experienced and knowledgeable in application and web security professional and have been the ISO and security officer at several companies once holding a U.S. DoD Secret Clearance.

I also sometimes perform rescues of OpenVMS (VAX/VMS) systems or can assist in migration from a legacy VMS system to other platforms.

Electrical and RF engineering

I went to school (RETS – Baltimore, MD 1980) to be a RF or radio station engineer. Once out I realized the future was trending towards computers so I moved my career in that direction instead. But I still tinker and I am very much into radio my first enjoyment.


I have many hobbies: Amateur (Ham) Radio, Radio and SWL monitor (police, fire, UTE, weather, satellite, aero etc..), Railfan and railroad enthusiast, antique tractors, weather, day hiking (trail name: “Standing Bear”), exploration and GPS fun (geocaching, etc..) and electronics, Raspberry Pi.

Ministry, Missions and volunteering

Ministering to the under-employed. Feeding missions. Praying for neighborhoods.


I love writing. I write in my journal or diary nearly every day. I have learned to analyze the world around me, what I am feeling and thinking through journaling. I highly recommend it. All of my journaling is electronic with proper safeguards for privacy. I recommend article The Art of Journaling. Regardless of what you write make it a practise to write something every single day.


I can be reached email at kevin at inscoe dot org.

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  1. dave runion
    dave runion / 5-17-2015 / ·

    Hi Kevin, …. got linked to your site through radioreference.com. – love your work, and appreciate your insight & wisdom.
    I fully subscribe to your thought process, and am a true believer in our Lord.
    Thanks again, Dave

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